A perfect weekend

There are of course many options for a perfect weekend. For me, this Saturday was a really beautiful day, filled with simple, but wonderful things.

IMG_0853First of all, the sun was shining, and it was one of there wonderful spring days we waited a long for.  The perfect day for gardening. As we are finishing the renovation of our house, my husband and I decided to do some gardening (the garden had no flowers at all, because of all the renovations and construction work, it was really horrible). Our gardener came along with some wonderful plants like lilac and holly and planted them on the boundary of the garden. We also got some roses and peonies, can´t wait to see them grow and bloom.

The sun was shining and the birds were singing, it was warm, but not hot, and a a pleasant wind moved through the leaves.

In the afternoon, some friends came for tea, so it was the perfect opportunity to bake a cake. This time I made a “Rolade”, basically a very simple cake with apricot jam inside.

For my guests I used my old porcelain service for coffee and tea (it is more than hundred years old) that I found in Italy last year


It was a nice and funny afternoon with good friends, good sweets and fresh flowers on the table. Just lovely.

The recipe book in the picture:

Alte Wiener Küche