This week`s beauty product review: face masks by Lavera

Weather changes, an unhealthy diet, stress and much more factors can weaken your skin, as you know. So, as I am going through some busy time, last week I was looking for new face masks. My skin was quite dry and uneven. You know, changes of seasons are always a challenge for the skin, here we got from quite cold, to hot summer!

I did not have the time to go to my usual beauty store and get a full consulting, and I also wanted to try different masks without spending a fortune. You know, high priced products are not always so good for you, it depends a lot on your skin type and personal sensibilities. I have of course a favourite face cream I do not want to miss (more about it in a later post), but it´s an expensive brand, and they don`t sell singular masks, just a big pot for more that one application.

So, I opted for the drugstore (where I normally buy rather cleaners and paper towels than products for my skin). But today, fortunately, you can find very fine natural cosmetic at drugstores, too. So why not give them a try! The only important rule I try to follow, is to use products without silicone, parabens and other unhealthy ingredients.

After some disappointing experiences with other face masks from famous brands I will not name (my face looking completely dry or red after use), I gave Lavera a try. This natural cosmetic brand is completely made in Germany. As I could read on their website, their products are  100% certified natural cosmetic, free from harming ingredients and produced in a sustainable and environmental friendly manner, plus they are against animal testing. This sounds very good.

I bought each an exemplar of the 4 types of the sigle-application face masks. There are a purifying mask, a firming mask, a deep hydrating mask, and a Q10 mask – my favourite for sensitive skin!


I like also the packaging, it´s pretty and does well in display in your bathroom or on your vanity table.

I am very impressed by the good quality of these products because of the low price (here in Austria you can buy them for less than 1.5€ each, and the portions are quite generous, so if you close them accurately you could have two applications). The price was the thing that made me sceptical in the first place. How could a quite cheap product be really good? But I had to change my mind!

I can recommend each of them, depending on your type of skin and your needs.


The purifying mask (green one) is perfect for oily skin, but also if you need a deep cleansing of your skin, or, for example if it is really hot outside, this is going to refresh your face and make you feel clean.


The Q10 mask (light blue one) is my favourite. I have very sensitive and dry skin, and this mask nourishes and evens my face without feeling oily or heavy. I can imagine this mask is also perfect if you had a too long sun exposure, or if you suffer allergies. The formula is very calming, as it contains also organic aloe vera and jojoba oil.


The deep hydrating mask (pink one) is also perfect for dry and itchy skin, with nourishing ingredients like wild rose and avocados for a deep hydration. The scent is also lovely (and the packaging is pink, so…)

∘ The firming mask (purple one) has some very good anti-age ingredients like white tea, hyaluron, and pomegranate oil. I am lucky not having many wrinkles, so I could not compare the improving effects on my face, but this mask is very pleasing and nourishing on the skin. I can imagine that it might support the elasticity and texture for a quite fresh appearance.

Recapitulating, I can recommend all four masks, as I found the experience an the quality excellent. All masks have a creamy texture, which makes the application easy,  but they do not drop, so you can relax and do other things in the meantime.

Visit the Lavera page for more informations, and to find out where you can buy or order the products from where you live ( and please, don´t hesitate asking questions).

I hope you liked it!

Lavera international

Lavera Germany/Europe

*I would like to point out that this is my personal experience with these products, and I am not sponsored by this brand at all. My reviews are quite personal, but I like to share my experiences and good products with you, as you may be interested.